Top-Engineering’s history leads back to 2002. Top-Engineering’s CEO Vesa Jauhiainen started his career in an engineering workshop and with cruise ship interior installations already in 1993. Interior installation projects need project management which came into our portfolio as a natural enhancement during the following years. Projects followed one after another and expertise in interior installation projects were accompanied by refurbishment projects for older cruise ships. Professional portfolio widened with on-site supervision for cruise ship interior manufacturer’s for whom it was important to have a professional supervisor on-site and on their manufacturing plants and who had in-depth understanding and knowledge of the whole shipbuilding industry.


Top-Engineering’s team is built on experience in cruise ship interior projects. Our CEO Vesa Jauhiainen has almost 30 years of experience in cruise ship building. These years in the industry give us a head start compared to most companies. Experience in managing a wide array of complex projects is a strength we strongly utilize in our work.

Vesa Jauhiainen, CEO

Vesa has a long history of and experience in cruise ship interior projects with the biggest and the most highly valued companies in the world. Vesa’s career with cruise ship interiors began in 1993 with interior installation projects of new cruise ships and since then he has gained experience in interior project management in various occasions and with several ship builders. Ship refurbishment projects came to Vesa’s professional portfolio already in 1994. Strong professional knowledge among ship interior project management, interior installations, and practical experience in interior installations has given Vesa a deep understanding of the industry and the factors that need to be taken into account with extra care. Due to his long history in the shipbuilding industry, Vesa has a wide range of contacts within the industry.

Vesa’s most notable professional achievements include the biggest cruise ships in the world. Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas which together form a total area of 56 000 m2 with 2 200 individual cabins installed and Mein Shiff ships 1-6 with a total area of almost 90 000 m2 and nearly 3 500 cabins installed. Vesa’s biggest interior refurbishment projects consider 3 Voyager-class ships and 3 Freedom-class ships with an average docking time of 4 weeks during which existing structures are removed and new ones are installed. One ship has, on an average, an area of 1000 m2 and over 40 cabins. More of Vesa’s references you may find from our References section.

Timo Kärkäinen, Production Manager
(engineering works)

Timo was co-founding Top-Engineering and since then he has worked as the production manager in the company. Timo has a long history in leading an on-shore engineering workshop and in steel structure installation project management in the Nordic Countries and in sales. Within these business areas Timo has gained international experience for over 27 years. Timo’s background lies also in leading engineering workshop business and related business areas. Timo’s focus is in building customer value through 100 % focus on customer needs and taking care of customers’ needs in a holistic manner.

Marjo Jauhiainen, Sourcing Manager

Marjo has a long experience in various sourcing positions in a number of companies. Marjo’s professional history includes for example global sourcing operations at Nokia Oyj during its golden era in the late 1990’s and in early 2000’s and between 2008-2012. In her job she also performed various logistical operations including global risk assessment, forecasting, material availability including global material shortage handling, price negotiations, and optimizing material availability. Marjo has a wide array of logistical and supply chain management skills. At Top-Engineering she also takes care of finance and HR.